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GoDaddy Sells for $25,000

May 11, 2010Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, go daddy auctions, GoDaddy, tdnamComments Off on GoDaddy Sells for $25,000

Registrar sells another five figure domain name through Go Daddy Auctions.

GoDaddy has sold the domain name through its Go Daddy Auctions (aka TDNAM) platform for $25,000. The domain name was registered back in 2006 and just purchased by a California man. A visit to shows a logo with a message that the site will be going online this summer.

Here are some other sales Go Daddy made in the past two weeks: $9,500 $7,500 $5,500 $3,555 $3,505 $3,188 $3,006 $3,000 $2,235 $2,227 $2,130 $2,005 $1,950 $1,900 $1,277 $1,055 $1,006 $1,005

A couple of these look really good, including

Keep in mind that with Go Daddy these sales barely scratch the surface. They don’t include Premium Listing sales and privacy transactions brokered by the company, which together make up the bulk of the company’s high dollar sales.

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