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End user sales report and a warning to TED

August 1, 2012Afternic, Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, sedo, TEDComments Off on End user sales report and a warning to TED

End user domain purchases from the past week.

Before we jump in with this week’s end user sales report, I have a warning for the famous TED conferences: be careful with your new domain.

TED bought for $1,788. I’m not sure what it plans to use it for, but it should think twice before using this domain. The problem is that is owned by an adult entertainment company offering “free legal images” for webmasters. Although the site’s homepage is safe for work, many people trying to reach will undoubtedly end up going to

Now, to the sales!


Universal Music Group bought for $2,200.

Shoe store Road Runner Sports bought for $1,188.

Work uniform company UniFirst Corporation paid $4,988 for and $1,888 for

Picture frame company Evald Moulding Co. bought…wait for it… for $1,888.

Executive Electronics of Southwest Florida, Inc. purchased for $2,188.

Cashback shopping site bought for $6,500 and for $1,750.

Florida’s The Alternative Daily dropped “the” off its domain name for $1,000 with

Detroit based Black Diamond Fireworks bought for $1,500.

The Partnership UK Ltd, and advertising and marketing company, bought for $1,188.

The owner of bought for $2,900.

Bike and Roll Chicago, which offers bike and Segway tours of Chicago, paid $1,277 for It also owns

The famous TED Conferences bought for $1,788 (see intro).

Virtual office company Virtual Headquarters Pty Ltd paid $2,500 for It also owns

Magic Jack, the popular VOIP service that doesn’t require a computer, bought for $1,850.


London courier service Churchill Express bought the highly descriptive domain name for 1,098 GBP.

The company behind bought, which forwards to its news site, for $750.

India Times paid $1,495 for

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