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Go Daddy Wants Patent for Selling Business Cards with Domain Names

March 4, 2010Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, go daddy group, GoDaddy, the go daddy groupComments Off on Go Daddy Wants Patent for Selling Business Cards with Domain Names

Company files patent application for cross-selling business cards based on registrant information.

GoDaddy biz cardsThe Go Daddy Group, parent company of domain name registrar GoDaddy, has filed two patent applications related to ordering business cards along with a domain name registration.

U.S. patent applications 12/202919 (pdf) and 12/202956 (pdf) describe a method of using information collected during the domain name registration process to help generate — and cross-sell — business cards for the registrant. These business cards could be offered as printed cards, an electronic file that may be printed, or as an electronic-only business card.

It makes sense to offer business cards to people when they register a domain name. After all, many people registering a domain are starting a business, and you’ve already collected their contact information (and now have a URL to put on the card). But I wonder how Go Daddy’s invention compares to other companies that collect information to sell one good and cross-sell another. VistaPrint, one of the masters of cross-selling, often uses customer information gained from selling one print or electronic product to sell another to the same customer.

The patent applications were filed September 2, 2008 an published today.

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