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Power Tools Company Loses Complaint

July 20, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, National Arbitration Forum, Policy & Law, three letter domainsComments Off on Power Tools Company Loses Complaint

Three letter domain name saved by National Arbitration Forum.

Here’s a follow up to a domain name dispute I wrote about last month regarding a three letter domain name.

A National Arbitration Forum panel has denied the complaint for brought by Robert Bosch GmbH, which has a line of power tools called IXO.

The decision is in German, so I’m relying on Google’s translator here. But essentially the panel ruled:

1. The owner has a legitimate interest in the domain name because he had started on plans to develop it.

2. It’s more than likely the registrant wasn’t specifically targeting the complainant and instead bought the domain name because it is a three letter domain name.

It doesn’t appear the complainant owns, either.

I’m a little unclear about whether Robert Bosch GmbH has started selling its IXO line yet, so perhaps one of my German readers can chime in.

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Businesses Continue to Buy and Use 3 Letter Domain Names

April 26, 2010Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, three letter domainsComments Off on Businesses Continue to Buy and Use 3 Letter Domain Names

Three letter domains continue to be hot commodity.

With Comwired’s relaunch as, I found a recent study by domain investor Nat Cohen on three character domains rather timely.

Cohen randomly generated 100 three letter domain names that contained only premium letters (no j, k, q, x, y, z) to see who owned them. Here’s what he found:

Small and Medium Business: 51%
Large Business: 20%
Domainers: 20%
Non-profits/Educational/Government/Religious: 2%
Personal: 1%
Inactive: 6%

73% were owned by businesses or institutions. In 2008 Cohen ran a similar analysis with a smaller pool (50 domains) and found that 58% were actively used by businesses. Cohen notes that “businesses are slowly absorbing the pool of domains that are “in play”. 42% of premium domains were not actively used by business in 2008. In a little over two years that percentage is down to 27%”.

Not surprisingly, a number of large companies use their three letter domains to redirect to other corporate web sites.

Cohen believes domainers have been facilitating this absorption by businesses by reaching out to private domain owners to acquire their three letter domains and then reselling them to businesses. Cohen himself has been a big investor in three letter domains.

Here are some recent three letter domain acquisitions: – Comwired, Inc – Austin Web Development – Restoration Management Company – Microsoft (currently registered to BermanBraun)

As far as I know, here are three “domain sites” using three character domains: Domain Name Wire (, Domain Name News (, and Domain Name Forum ( All three use the domains to redirect.

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