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TLDH: Digital archery may have technical bugs

June 11, 2012antony van couvering, digital archery, Domaining, Domainnamewire, tldh, top level domains, UncategorizedComments Off on TLDH: Digital archery may have technical bugs

Big new top level domain applicant finds odd results with digital archery system.

Digital archery, which creates a secondary timestamp for new TLD applications that will determine how they are batched, is run through ICANN’s TLD Application System (TAS).

This is the same system that was taken offline for over a month due to a security glitch that allowed some competing applicants to see limited data from other applicants.

So you don’t suppose there could be problems with digital archery, too?

One of the larger top level domain applicants, Top Level Domain Holdings, Inc., says it has discovered some odd results in the digital archery test system that may point to technical problems.

[Update: ICANN confirmed there was a problem. It wasn't with the recorded data, but only displayed data. Still, this doesn't instill confidence.]

TLDH has built a system designed to get good results in digital archery. But its tests have shown strange outliers when it clicks 1 to 5 milliseconds earlier than the target time in digital archery.

Of course, it’s entirely possible this is something on TLDH’s side. But ICANN doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore.

ICANN has responded to TLDH’s blog past on Twitter, saying “we’re aware of the issue you raised & are looking into it…” and asking others with similar issues to notify it.

I still stand by my claim that digital archery is a very dumb idea. I think Antony Van Couvering does a good job of explaining why in his post.

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DNW’s new TLD roundup: the good, the bad and the funny

June 1,, association national advertisers, Domaining, Domainnamewire, facebook, google, momentous, new tlds, radix, tldh, Uncategorized, zipposComments Off on DNW’s new TLD roundup: the good, the bad and the funny

From brands to portfolio players, here’s a look at what we know so far.

The “big reveal” of who applied for what top level domains isn’t until June 13. But that didn’t stop a lot of companies from making their own announcements over the 36 hours since the application window closed.

Here’s my roundup and analysis:


Google announced four domains it is applying for, but AdAge reports the company is applying for upwards of 50 domain names.

The announcement came from Vint Cerf, Google’s “Chief Internet Evangelist”. He also happens to be the former Chairman of ICANN’s board. One thought is if Cerf is trying to throw ICANN a bone here. Not in the form of money, because we all know ICANN’s coffers are going to be a lot fuller than we expected just months ago. It’s more of a “we believe in ICANN and what they’re doing” statement. Still, I think Google could have done this by applying for perhaps a dozen domains including some non-.brand domains. So this seems like a bit more. It seems like Google sees benefits to new top level domains.

But I gotta ask: .lol? Really?


Is Facebook applying for .facebook or anything else?

A Facebook spokesperson told AdAge a couple months ago that it wasn’t applying. But it’s hard for a spokesperson to answer a negative like that. A TLD initiative could come from anywhere within the company.

And a lot has happened since two months ago.

I reached out to Facebook yesterday to ask again if they applied for any new TLDs. All they would say is “no comment”.

I’d be willing to bet money (or rapidly devaluing FB shares) that Facebook applied for something.

TLDH and Directi

Two of the big “portfolio” applicants have announced their applications.

Top Level Domain Holdings, which owns Minds + Machines, applied for 92 domains, 68 of which are on its own behalf. (Others are with partners or on behalf of clients.)

It’s not very surprising to me that the company applied for .green. It has an entity set up to apply for .eco, but that one could be messy. This will be a battle to watch.

The company also applied for two IDN top level domains.

TLDH applied for a lot of common strings that will be in contention.

The same can be said for Directi’s new Radix company (see disclosure). The company applied for 31 strings. Company founder Bhavin Turakhia told DomainIncite he expects every one of the names to be in contention with other applicants.


One of the companies both TLDH and Radix will have to face off with is Go Daddy. I broke the news Wednesday night of the company’s applications for .home and .casa. Not surprisingly, .home has multiple applicants. Slightly surprisingly, so does .casa. It will be interesting to see how these play out.

The brand scare continues

The notion that brands must apply for their .brand to keep others from doing so certainly played a role in applications. You can blame Association of National Advertisers in part for this. But I’ve got to wonder what consultant convinced lighter maker Zippo that it needed to apply for .zippo.

Here’s a quote from an article in The Economist:

Jeff Duke, general counsel at Zippo, a lighter-maker, says the firm already spends $3m a year “playing whack-a-mole” with claim-jumpers—a tidy sum for a small manufacturer, albeit one with a big brand. The expansion will “multiply our headaches”, he predicts. Zippo will apply for .zippo, even though “we don’t have any great plans for it.”

This is a prime example of a domain that didn’t need to be applied for on a defensive basis.


This one, courtesy of a Momentous ( subsidiary, is sure to be a punching bag. Regardless of the true intent, the company will be hard pressed to convince anyone that it’s not merely a stick up to get brands to protect themselves.

Momentous figures to profit from new TLDs from others in the coming years. It’s offering a digital archery service. It’s also sure to have a lot of clients for sunrise auctions.

Things are getting interesting…

Disclosure: I work with Directi’s media companies. I have not been involved with Radix.

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Here are TLDH’s 68 top level domain applications

June 1, 2012Domaining, Domainnamewire, tldh, UncategorizedComments Off on Here are TLDH’s 68 top level domain applications

TLDH applies for 68 top level domains on its own behalf.

Top Level Domain Holdings has submitted 92 applications for top level domains. It submitted 68 applications on its own behalf and an additional 24 with partners or for others.

TLDH is the company that picked up Peter Dengate Thrush after he left ICANN’s board. It owns Minds + Machines.

Here are the company’s own 68 applications.

1. abogado

2. .app

3. .art

4. .baby

5. .beauty

6. .beer

7. .blog

8. .book

9. .casa

10. .cloud

11. .cooking

12. .country

13. .coupon

14. .cpa

15. .cricket

16. .data

17. .dds

18. .deals

19. .design

20. .dog

21. .eco

22. .fashion

23. .fishing

24. .fit

25. .flowers

26. .free

27. .garden

28. .gay

29. .green

30. .guide

31. .horse

32. .hotel

33. .home

34. .immo

35. .inc

36. .latino

37. .law

38. .lawyer

39. .llc

40. .love

41. .luxe

42. .pizza

43. .property

44. .realestate

45. .restaurant

46. .review

47. .roma

48. .rodeo

49. .sale

50. .school

51. .science

52. .site

53. .soccer

54. .spa

55. .store

56. .style

57. .surf

58. .tech

59. .video

60. .vip

61. .vodka

62. .website

63. .wedding

64. .work

65. .yoga

66. .zulu

67. ?? (“shopping” IDN)

68. ?? (“site” IDN)

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TLDH adds .budapest to its location top level domains

May 21,, Domaining, Domainnamewire, new tlds, tldh, UncategorizedComments Off on TLDH adds .budapest to its location top level domains

TLDH adds to its stable of geo top level domains with .budapest.

Top Level Domain Holdings Limited (AIM:TLDH.L), parent company of Minds + Machines, announced today that it has applied for the .budapest domain name with the blessing of the city of Budapest. The city will earn a revenue share from the deal.

TLDH is also on the applications for .London, .Miami, .Bayern and .NRW. .NRW is for North-Rhine Westphalia, the most populous state in Germany.

These applications are pretty close to “sure things” since an applicant needs approval (or non-objection) from a governmental authority to apply for geo domains like these. The only exception would be if there’s more than one location of the same name. .NRW could also run into a bit of an issue if there’s a competing application because it’s not actually the name of a location and could have a different use.

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