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Top 10 Domain Name Wire Stories of 2009

December 29, 2009Domaining, Domainnamewire, top news stories, UncategorizedComments Off on Top 10 Domain Name Wire Stories of 2009

A look back at the year in domain news.

As 2009 draws to a close, here’s a look at the top 10 stories on Domain Name Wire this year, as measured by traffic. Of course, traffic doesn’t equal importance…

10.,, Sold at Auction – Domain Name Wire’s story about a quiet bankruptcy auction started a big ripple. A DNW reader petitioned the court to set aside the sale of That resulted in a re-auction and a decidedly higher take: ended up selling for $5.1 million compared to $1.25 million in the original auction. Also see #5 and #1.

9. Getting 1,800 Visits an Hour – Will the real Susan Boyle please stand up? Susan Boyle (the singer) was an instant internet sensation this year, but the domain name was owned by a different kind of artist. I tracked down Susan Boyle, the painter, who lives in the Texas Hill Country town of Kerville. Her web site was getting 1,800 hits an hour during the height of the Susan Boyle viral mania.

8. GoDaddy Disses .TV and What it Says About the Echo Chamber – DNW sets the record straight on what technically happens to a country code domain name if a country no longer exists.

7. Yahoo Buys Domain Name for $80,000 – OMG! Yahoo buys three character domain name for its popular celebrity news site.

6. Book Review: The Chronicles – um, what? This is a top story? Well, this is a lesson in the power of generic domain names. For a while, this story was ranked in the top five on Google for the term “”. So many people type in a keyword followed by .com into the search box that this sent a lot of traffic.

5. Will Toys ‘R’ Us Flub $5.1M Purchase? – Answer: yes (see #1), but it got a reprieve.

4. Go Daddy Files Patents for Enhanced Whois and DNS Records – note to self: the tech community hates software/process patents, especially those dealing with web technology.

3. Glenn Beck Loses Domain Dispute Over Meme Site – Apparently Mr. Beck is a polarizing figure.

2. After Winning Case, Man Hands Domain Name to Glenn Beck – or, “Man makes Glenn Beck look like an ass”.

1. Loses Google Ranking – Toys ‘R’ Us spends $5.1 million on a domain name with great search rankings, only to lose the rankings when it forwards the domain. But ultimately it got a reprieve — is currently ranked #3 on Google for “Toys”. Between, (purchased during the same bankruptcy auction) and, the retailer has locked up the top three positions on Google.

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