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Sedo and Parked Still Top Domain Parking Companies, But Revenue Down

February 16, 2011Domain Parking, domain survey, Domaining, Domainnamewire, top parking companiesComments Off on Sedo and Parked Still Top Domain Parking Companies, But Revenue Down

Survey reveals favorite parking companies but continued downward trend in parking revenue.

A non-scientific survey of over 1,500 domain name industry participants shows that Sedo and are still the top domain name parking companies.

Sedo received 30% of the votes as top parking company in Domain Name Wire’s sixth annual domain survey.

Parked came in a distant second place with 14% of the vote.

Last year Sedo took 23% of the vote and Parked brought home 18%.

The top five vote-getters in this year’s survey were:

1. Sedo 30%
2. Parked 14%
3. NameDrive 12%
4. Google Adsense for Domains 11%
5. SmartName 9%

Yet revenue from parked domains continues to decline, report the survey-takers.

46% reported earning less than $10 RPM (revenue per thousand) from their parked domains, up from 40% last year. 68% reported earning less than $20 RPM, compared to 60% last year.

Domain parkers are split on what will happen to parking revenue in 2011. 42% think it will be flat compared to 2010, while an even 29% think it will go up and 29% think it will go down.

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