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R.J. Reynolds Sues eCigarette Web Sites

July 21, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & Law, trademark lawsuitsComments Off on R.J. Reynolds Sues eCigarette Web Sites

Tobacco company claims sites sell liquid nicotine products using their famous cigarette brands.

WinstonThe intellectual property holding company for R.J. Reynolds has filed two trademark lawsuits in North Carolina against online retailers selling liquid nicotine products.

The suits allege that the web sites sell products bearing the images of their famous Camel and Winston marks, such as in the image to the right.

The first suit is against and its owner. The second suit is against the owners of and

The sites specialize in selling so-called electronic cigarettes, often call simply ecigarettes. The first site sells liquid nicotine refills marked with the Camel and Winston brands, the other sites sell products with the Camel name and logo, advertising that they have “Camel like Flavor”.

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