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Trademarkia Gets Into Domain Names

June 2, 2011Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, trademarkiaComments Off on Trademarkia Gets Into Domain Names

Trademarkia adds domain name searching to its lineup.

Trademark search engine and online service Trademarkia has entered the domain name business with a unique service.

The service allows you to search for domain names and then use the site’s trademark searching tools to find out if there are existing trademarks on the same terms. (Oddly, these don’t seem to be connected. If I search for VerizonWireless and start to register one of the available VerizonWireless.tld domains, it doesn’t warn me about a trademark.)

But it does more than that. It’s actually a pretty slick domain search tool.

When you search for a domain it shows you what top level domains are available. You can quickly see thumbnails of the content on all registered domains. Trademarkia also offers an acquisition service for already registered domain names.

In an interesting twist, you can click on a registered domain to hire an attorney to send a cease & desist letter to the owner for $185. I fear that the typical person using this service won’t understand all the nuances of domain names and trademarks and start sending uncalled for cease & desist letters, though.

If nothing else, Trademarkia’s service will help small businesses realize the importance of choosing a domain name at the same time they select a company name. That will help them avoid a costly mistake.

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