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Trader Joe’s Sues Grocery Delivery Web Site

August 14, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, lawsuits, Policy & Law, trader joe'sComments Off on Trader Joe’s Sues Grocery Delivery Web Site

Trader Joe’s unhappy with food delivery service.

Trader Joe'sFast growing and trendy grocery store chain Trader Joe’s has sued the owner of for trademark infringement.

The web site technically stands for “Traffic Jam’s” delivery service, but the site is forward about what it does: delivers groceries from Trader Joe’s directly to your home:

After taking requests from family and friends to bring these products with us when visiting, we realized that folks across the country wanted to embrace the high quality, reasonably priced, and unique items that Trader Joe’s® purveys. As Trader Joe’s® only has approximately 350 stores across the US, many folks do not have a store nearby. Although we’d love to come and introduce ourselves to each of you with a bag full of the amazing Trader Joe’s® products you love, we soon realized that we could simply do the next best thing – ship them to your door.

Trader Joe’s also argues that the web site was designed to mimic

Of course, if Trader Joe’s would just have an e-commerce web site then there would be no need for someone to start a business like

You can read the lawsuit here (pdf).

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