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Agenda and Air Travel Falling Into Place for TRAFFIC Milan

April 23, 2010Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, rick latona, traffic milanComments Off on Agenda and Air Travel Falling Into Place for TRAFFIC Milan

Everything coming together for next week’s conference in Milan.

TRAFFICThere are some things conference organizers can control, and there are some things they can’t. They can control the quality of their agenda. But volcanic eruptions? That’s a challenge.

Fortunately for Rick Latona and crew, everything seems to be shaping up nicely for its April 27-29 show in Milan.

First, on what they can control. TRAFFIC will look somewhat like Latona’s first foray into domain conferences at TRAFFIC ccTLDs last year. The program is full of country code experts, from ccTLD administrators to domainers to registrars.

The first day will include a session on .IT (Italy), followed by a discussion on the markets of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The day concludes with a 50 domain .eu auction.

Wednesday includes sessions on .fr, .uk and .es, .de, .nl and .at. It also has a case study session on developing ccTLDs. The day concludes with the main live auction.

Thursday covers .pl (Poland), .ru (Russia) and Eastern European markets, .com, IDNs, and ccTLD legal issues. The agenda finishes with Test Track.

Now, what about that volcanic ash cloud hanging over Europe? If the event would have been this week, it would be a challenge. Fortunately the skies are clearing and most people with originating travel should now be fine.

Want to make a last minute trip? Contact Rick Latona.

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