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A Warning if You Use TrafficClub NameServers

September 2, 2011Domain Parking, Domaining, Domainnamewire, domainsponsor, trafficclubComments Off on A Warning if You Use TrafficClub NameServers

Legacy nameservers no longer generating revenue for parking customers. shut down Moniker‘s traffic monetization solution TrafficClub shortly after buying the company. TrafficClub accounts were transitioned to DomainSponsor and the nameservers continued to work.

But that changed back in March, apparently without notice as far as I can tell. Although the nameservers continue to function and resolve to DomainSponsor parked pages, you no longer are receiving credit for any of that traffic.

Perhaps I’m the only one who didn’t bother to change my nameservers after the changeover. And clearly I don’t make much money from the domains I had there since I didn’t notice earlier. But if you were a TrafficClub user who never switched DNS, I recommend doing it immediately.

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