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Google Kills URL Forwarding as Yahoo Caps Some Non-.Com Domains

August 17, 2011Domain Parking, Domaining, Domainnamewire, google, namedrive, trafficz, yahooComments Off on Google Kills URL Forwarding as Yahoo Caps Some Non-.Com Domains

Domain parking ad providers make changes.

There have been two announcements from the big domain parking ad providers over the past 24 hours that may affect your domain parking company.

According to an email from NameDrive, Google is banning URL forwarding as of October 1. The parking company says clients need to switch to DNS parking, although it says it’s also working on other solutions. [Update: DomainSponsor just sent a notice to its customers as well.]

Partners have known about Google’s plan to ban URL forwarding for a long time.

It will be interesting to see what effect Google’s move will have on domain parking split-testing platforms such as Above.

TrafficZ sent an email to customers yesterday informing them that Yahoo is “capping” revenue on .biz, .co,
.info, .tv, and .us domain names. If the cap is hit, Yahoo will no longer show ads on the domains for three days. However, parking companies will likely display ads from different ad feeds during this period. From my experience, some of these secondary feeds perform quite well on certain TLDs.

Both of these moves address challenges with domain parking; namely fraud. URL forward is frequently abused and limits Google’s insight into the traffic it is monetizing. Domains such as .biz shouldn’t get much type-in traffic, which may be the reason for the cap.

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Jonathan Boswell Leaves TrafficZ

September 10, 2009Domain Parking, Domaining, Domainnamewire, jonathan boswell, trafficzComments Off on Jonathan Boswell Leaves TrafficZ

Boswell parts ways with TrafficZ to focus on Boswell Investments.

A familiar face in the domain name industry is making a move.

Jonathan Boswell, one of the original members of TrafficZ, has parted ways with the company to focus on Boswell Investments. Boswell started the private equity company a couple years ago, focusing on developing web properties.

Boswell was co-founder of, which he sold to TrafficZ parent company Thought Convergence in 2008. Since then he has been serving as General Manager of TrafficZ at TCI for the last year.

He said that as of last Friday, he and the TrafficZ co-founders have decided to part ways over a disagreement about the direction of the product and how to best grow revenue.

Boswell said he has no hard feelings for his colleagues at Thought Convergence. “They just had a different vision for it,” he said. “They’re more than capable to do that.”

He also doesn’t rule out working with the company again in the future.

“It’s a little bitter sweet since I spent so long with them,” said Boswell. “We’re on great terms and we might end up working together again.”

With a staff of four people, Boswell Investments is focusing on vertical-specific portals that support SEM opportunities.

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