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.Jobs Expansion Approved, .Travel to Release 1 and 2 Character Domains

August 6, domain, .travel domain, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & LawComments Off on .Jobs Expansion Approved, .Travel to Release 1 and 2 Character Domains

Registry operators for .jobs and .travel get their wishes.

.Jobs and .Travel, two top level domains that probably would have done better if they were released as generic TLDs rather than sponsored, got positive results from ICANN’s board meeting yesterday. At least as far as the registries are concerned.

First, the .jobs registry received permission to effectively open up .jobs. Until now it has been restricted to companies registering just their company name, such as, for career site purposes.

Now it will be opened up. But don’t expect to be able to go register your favorite generic term in .jobs; the registry has plans to work with out an outside company Direct Employers Association to create thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of job boards on key domains such as and

Second, .travel registry Tralliance finally got approval to release one and two character .travel domain names. Tralliance made the request in May 2009. Unlike other generic registries that have released these domains, .travel plans to hold some of the domains for itself. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as a person affiliated with the registry snapped up many of the good generic domain names before .travel was liberalized in the past.

The plan calls for Tralliance to withold 10 domains and then auction some of the others. (Update: This provision for 10 domains was in the original proposal to ICANN, bu apparently was removed later.) But don’t be surprised if it finds a way to siphon off others.

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