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Tumblr picks up in dispute

May 29, 2012Domaining, Domainnamewire, nominet, Policy & Law, tumblr, Off on Tumblr picks up in dispute

Company turns to dispute resolution service to get control of key UK domain name.

Blogging service Tumblr has obtained the United Kingdom country code domain name through a dispute.

Tumblr filed the dispute with registry Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service against Paul Guerin of France. Guerin did not respond to the complaint, and the arbitration panelist issued a summary decision.

With .uk disputes, unlike .com and .net, arbitration panels can issue summary decisions in the the event the domain owner does not reply to the complaint. A summary decision allows the panelist to check boxes as to whether all elements of the policy have been met.

Various groups have pushed for similar rules to be applied to such “default” cases under UDRP.

There’s little information about the case because this was a summary decision.

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