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Sedo Sells for $75,000

June 16, 2010Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, sedo, Off on Sedo Sells for $75,000

Big electronics UK domain name sells.

Sedo has brokered the sale of for 51,000 GBP, or about $75,000 USD at today’s exchange rate, according to the recent sales section on the domain name broker’s web site.

If you visit today you’ll see an online store for TVs. A note at the bottom of the page links to, as the web sites were both owned by the same UK entity.

The seller purchased the domain name for 1,000 GPB in December 2007.

The Santa Barbara, CA address in whois for the new owner of is the same as that of has a network of sites including,, and

Sedo, which has an office in The United Kingdom, has brokered several other domain name sales for a comparable price over the past year. According to NameBio, the company brokered for $63,916, for $57,500, and for $40,000.

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