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Twitter Bought for $7,500 in 2006

September 14, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire,, twttr, UncategorizedComments Off on Twitter Bought for $7,500 in 2006

Twttr got smart in a hurry — and got lucky.

Today Robin Wauters wrote about how Twitter bought the domain name for $7,500 in 2006. The company launched with web 2.0 name Twttr, but it was always pronounced Twitter.

In this case the company got smart acquired the domain name. It was also lucky that the domain’s owner didn’t hold out for more money. But can you think of all the good startups with web 2.0 spellings that balked at paying such a small sum, only to regret it later?

Most startups that choose a web 2.0 name end up paying dearly in the end. But they eventually get it. Think with and and (was that even where you put the dots in that stupid name?) with

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