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HootSuite Adds .Li Shorteners But Defends Use of .Ly

May 11,, Domaining, Domainnamewire,, hootsuite,, Policy & Law, url shortenerComments Off on HootSuite Adds .Li Shorteners But Defends Use of .Ly

Service adds back up URLs but says people need not worry about .ly. That’s wrong.

Social networking platform HootSuite has added alternatives to shorteners that use Libya’s country code domain name .ly after users expressed concerns about relying on the Libyan .ly domain name.

In addition to and, users can now use and .Li is the country code domain name for Liechtenstein.

At the same time the company defended the stability of .ly, echoing defensive arguments raised by It pointed out (and even provided an infographic) that there are multiple root servers for .ly outside Libya. It also said that .ly is “ultimately controlled by ICANN who can revoke access from the Libyan government and assume a caretaker role if needed”.

This is a false assurance.

Yes, there are multiple root servers for .ly. But that doesn’t matter if the government decides to delete specific domain names that it finds are contributing to the revolution.

And the idea that ICANN would intervene over this political matter seems far-fetched (beyond ensuring stability access to the domain). .Ly is Libya’s domain name, and it can decide how to operate it. It can decide which types of sites operate on it (e.g. no adult sites), who can register the domains, and other restrictions.

So while these URL shortener companies say all is well, I suspect they are quite a bit concerned. They’re just afraid to tell people that millions of links could break.

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GoDaddy’s URL Shortener Launches

September 6, 2010Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, godaddy link shortener, url shortener, x.coComments Off on GoDaddy’s URL Shortener Launches officially launches.

A couple months ago I wrote about how GoDaddy had snagged with plans to use it as a URL shortener. Late last week I noticed that @Godaddy was using in its tweets; and now the service is officially open to all. has a lot of the features you’ll find in most URL shorteners, such as robust analytics. You can easily create an link by pasting a longer URL in at

GoDaddy has been pushing .co domains and will help give it visibility. At the bottom of the page is a search box to get your own .co domain.

Speaking of which, rather than use for link shortening you should think about creating your own. .Co is a great domain to register for a link shortener because there are still plenty of short ones available. Right now I use as a link shortener, but I also own, which is even shorter.

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GoDaddy to Launch URL Shortener

June 30,, Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, GoDaddy, url shortenerComments Off on GoDaddy to Launch URL Shortener

Coming soon, URL shortener.

Domain name registrar GoDaddy is releasing a new URL shortener at, according to a tweet by company founder and CEO Bob Parsons:

This is likely a .co “founder’s program” deal. .Co has already done a deal with Twitter for, which will be Twitter’s own URL shortener services. .Co is Colombia’s country code top level domain name, which is currently being liberalized.

The domain registrar is one of ten accredited registrars for .co domain names, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that it is upping the ante with registry .Co Internet.

Still, it will be interesting to see how GoDaddy positions the URL shortener. There are plenty of shorteners on the market, and Twitter will soon begin wrapping all links in It seems that the registrar will need to find a way to integrate the shortener into its other products to make it really gain traction. Many of the company’s employees currently use a .me shortener, and the .me registry is a partnership involving GoDaddy.

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