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Moniker Auction Results: 30 .Us Domain Name Sell

July 8,, Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Moniker, SnapNamesComments Off on Moniker Auction Results: 30 .Us Domain Name Sell

US country code auction sells over $40,000 worth of domain names.

[Updated: the official tally is 30 domains sold. I originally reported 29 domains sold.] Moniker‘s .us domain name auction sold 29 30 of 86 domain names, or 35%. That’s a much stronger showing than recent online auctions held by the company. The key to success was a lot of good keyword domain names with low reserves. Having them at prices most people can afford helped, too.

In total over $40,000 worth of .us domain names sold. The top sale was at $11,770.

Below is my unofficial recording of the results. At the time of posting, the auction for is still ongoing due to multiple 5 minute extensions. (updated) 11770 3600 3600 2915 2050 1756 1600 1551 1280 1265 1230 1180 1050 890 605 600 590 $590 480 400 375 325 325 325 300 300 300 300 300 300

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January 6,, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & LawComments Off on Interesting Use of .US Domain Name

Champagne Bureau uses .us domain for Champagne petition call-to-action.

An ad on the back of this week’s The New Yorker includes an interesting use of a .us domain name:

The ad is a call to action to sign a petition asking congress to crack down on companies labeling sparkling wine as “Champagne” when it isn’t from the Champagne region of France. There’s a legal loophole that allows American U.S. sparkling wine producers to label their wines as “champagne” under a grandfathering scheme to a 2006 law.

I enjoy a nice glass of champagne as much as the next guy, but I find the use of .us here a bit ironic. After all, if true champagne only comes from Champagne, France, then what is To be fair, the ad was placed by U.S.-based Champagne Bureau, a Washington D.C. lobbying group.


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