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U.S. Postal Service Delivers Domain Name

September 15, 2009Domaining, Domainnamewire, mobi, Policy & Law, uspsComments Off on U.S. Postal Service Delivers Domain Name

USPS wins domain dispute for mobile domain name.

USPSI wonder if the final decision was sent to the United States Postal Service via Fedex.

USPS has prevailed in a dispute over the domain name, in a case heard by National Arbitration Forum. The decision is written in Chinese, but a crude Google translation tells the story.

According the the case files, the registrant of the domain name managed to get it in the sunrise period. USPS alleged that he provided false information about a non-existent Chinese USPS trademark in order to obtain the domain during the .mobi sunrise, a period in which intellectual property holders can stake claim to a domain. The complainant seems to deny that he knew he was doing this, and had only responded to a phone solicitation. (If anyone can read Chinese and confirm this, let me know.)

Now for the forty-four cent question: will USPS use the domain it just won?

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