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Flippa adds verified Google Adsense revenue

June 1, 2012Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, flippa, google adsense, verified adsenseComments Off on Flippa adds verified Google Adsense revenue

Web site buyers can gain more confidence in revenue numbers.

FlippaFlippa, a marketplace for web sites and domain names, has added a tool to verify Google Adsense revenue numbers for web sites.

We all see sites for sale that claim huge Adsense revenue numbers. But how do you know if the person is telling the truth? It’s easy to fake stats. (That was the point behind DNWStats, by the way.)

The new tool allows Flippa sellers to authorize Flippa to snag the numbers through the Google Adsense API. Flippa then presents a three month average to visitors. Buyers can filter auctions to look at only sites with verified Adsense numbers.

It will be interesting to see what effects this has on the overall Flippa marketplace. But it can only be positive.

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