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VeriSign Releases Domain Traffic Treasure Trove to the Public

July 6, 2011Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, VeriSign, verisign domain scoreComments Off on VeriSign Releases Domain Traffic Treasure Trove to the Public

VeriSign domain scoreVeriSign has released VERISIGN® DomainScore™ to the public.

The beta tool allows anyone to enter an unregistered domain name and get an idea of how much traffic the domain gets.

DomainScore uses NXD data — basically visit requests to non existent domain names — to calculate a score ranging from 1-10. The higher the score the higher the traffic to the domain. The score is for the last full week, the last 30 days, and last 60 days.

Based on my experience with similar data for pending delete domains, I think you’ll find the data most relevant for domains that haven’t just expired. This reduces the amount of dead link traffic included in the total and gives a better impression of type-in traffic.

VeriSign already offers this data to registrars, some of which in turn offer it to customers. Dynadot offers the data but with a day turnaround time. Some customers have apparently run millions of domains through Dynadot’s system. However, a number of large registrars have held this data close to their chest for their own use.

The public tool provides data instantly on up to 100 domain names.

VeriSign might need to put a CAPTCHA on it :)

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