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Use the VeriSign Trust Seal to Get More Search Traffic and Conversions

January 27, 2011Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, verisign trust sealComments Off on Use the VeriSign Trust Seal to Get More Search Traffic and Conversions

Hidden value of Trust Seal is in higher search click-throughs.

When eNom announced last summer that it would start selling VeriSign’s Trust Seal I kind of chuckled to myself.

Why would anyone pay $299 a year to display a VeriSign seal on their site? After all, you can get a full-blown SSL certificate from some providers for only $20 a year.

But the benefits are more than meets the eye.

Perhaps the biggest is increased search engine clicks. Many people who use Norton Antivirus software (Norton owns the security side of VeriSign, which is separate from the domain name registry) install a toolbar for safe surfing. When they make a search any site that uses VeriSign’s Trust Seal gets a special “Norton Secured” icon next to the result:

Anything you can do to make your listing standout from others will usually result in more clicks.

You can also put the seal on your site, which should result in higher conversions for lead capture and e-commerce sites. VeriSign also performs a daily malware scan of your site.

I don’t have any stats for you on improved click-throughs or conversions from using the seal. But VeriSign currently offers a 60 day free trial so you can see for yourself.

VeriSign’s one year pricing is $299, but eNom offers it to resellers for less.

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