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Amazon’s Quidsi lauches for natural products

October 1,, Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, markmonitor, quidsi, vine.comComments Off on Amazon’s Quidsi lauches for natural products

Quidsi’s latest generic domain store:

Vine.comI’ve scooped a number of Quidsi store openings based on generic domains they’ve bought — from to

But I missed this one: Quidsi just launched, a store with “natural products for green living”.

George Kirikos points out that the company appears to have acquired the domain name through Mark Monitor over the past few weeks. It was previously owned by a company called Vine Technology.

It’s a great domain and a good idea for a niche store. Still, when I first heard of the store I assumed it was on online wine store. Perhaps this one could have been a little bit more descriptive?

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