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Something tells me the intellectual property constituency won’t like .sucks

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.Sucks will be the new TLD opponents’ case-in-point.

When I saw Michael Berkens’ post this morning about the four top level domains Momentous Corp is applying for, I did a double take.


Yep. It’s no joke.

The applicant describes .sucks like this:

Since its inception, the internet has been a forum for debate and criticism. As the web has evolved we’ve seen it increasingly facilitate organization of the masses. Whether it be in the name of protest, products, politics or philosophy, the internet’s role in sharing dissent has gone from being practical to instrumental.

DotSUCKS is available and applicable for personal, organizations, and community use. In a free and open internet, DotSUCKS is the new channel for voicing your views.

Trademark holders around the world felt there was a stick up when they were “forced” to register .xxx domains. Imagine how they’ll feel about .sucks!

The sunrise period for a domain like this would be spectacular. I suspect this domain will be the example used by new TLD opponents to show the harm new TLDs will cause. I also expect multiple objections to it.

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