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September 17, 2012Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & Law, reverse domain name hijacking, udrp,, wallstreet.comComments Off on panel rules reverse domain name hijacking blasted for its attempt to hijack domain name.

A three person World Intellectual Property Organization panel has found, LLC guilty of reverse domain name hijacking over the domain name based much of its UDRP case against on some relatively recent transfers of the domain name, which it said were new registrations. However, it turns out the domain name has essentially been held by the same party since 2001.

From the outset, any attempt to get a descriptive, seven figure domain name like through UDRP reeks of reverse domain name hijacking.

But in this case it’s particularly bad. After filing the UDRP, emailed the owners of with this message:

“It was a joint decision to file the UDRP on behalf of The reason for the filing is simple, we needed to accelerate the process of coming to a settlement on how we can work together on the Wall Street Package.”

In other words, we’re going to bully you to the table.

That’s certainly not using the UDRP in good faith.

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