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Victor Pitts Returns to Host Domain Masters Radio Show

July 22, 2011domain masters, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Uncategorized, victor pitts, webmaster radioComments Off on Victor Pitts Returns to Host Domain Masters Radio Show

Domain Masters radio show returns with Victor Pitts back as host.

It’s baaaack.’s Domain Masters radio show is coming back with a familiar face as host.

Victor Pitts will return to host the program that has been online since 2004 and produced 243 episodes. It was originally hosted by Moniker founder Monte Cahn, who handed over much of the hosting responsibilities to Victor Pitts until Pitts left the company.

Pitts was then replaced by “Chef” Patrick Ruddell until he later left Moniker as well.

Domain Masters airs every Wednesday at 5pm ET at WebmasterRadio.FM. I’ve participated both as a guest and fill-in host, and think it’s a great program worth tuning into.

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