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Wikipedia Takes Down Web Hosting Site

August 3, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & Law, wikimedia, wikipedia, world intellectual property forumComments Off on Wikipedia Takes Down Web Hosting Site

Wikimedia wins dispute over web hosting comparison site.

WikipediaWikipedia owner Wikimedia Foundation Inc. has won a case against the owner of, which will be transferred to Wikimedia as a result.

From reading the case decision, it’s fairly clear the owner of the web hosting comparison site at had no idea that Wikipedia was a trademark.

So let’s be clear: the generic term is wiki. Wikipedia is a specific site.

If you want to create a site similar to this, would be OK. (It’s already registered.)

The case was filed at World Intellectual Property Forum. Wikimedia has filed nine cases with the outfit and hasn’t lost yet. Some of its other wins are and

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