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Simple Automatic WordPress Backup is Finally Here

January 4, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, Uncategorized, wordpressComments Off on Simple Automatic WordPress Backup is Finally Here

The first truly simple backup tool is worth installing.

Backing up your Wordpress files is something we all know we need to do. But, much like backing up our computers, few of us do it as often as we should.

I’ve tried a few backup plugins in the past, but they all had shortcomings. Some only backed up the files, others only the database. Over the holidays I installed a new plugin — Automatic Wordpress Backup — and it seems to do exactly what I need: backup everything, automatically, to a secure environment.

The plugin integrates with Amazon S3, backing up your Wordpress files on a regular schedule that you control. If you don’t have an S3 account, signing up takes about a minute. It’s also cheap; most bloggers can backup their blog for only a few bucks a month on S3.

One quick note; the plugin automatically adds a backlink from your site when you install it. I’m not a fan when plugins do this automatically, but you can turn it off. Still, it’s worth helping out the plugin authors by spreading the word or donating.

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