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EuroDNS and ICANN Trade Jabs

May 6, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, eurodns, icann, Policy & Law, xavier buckComments Off on EuroDNS and ICANN Trade Jabs

Popular European domain registrar and ICANN continue to spar over

Following a notice of breach sent by ICANN to EuroDNS, the two companies have traded jabs in correspondence.

On April 25 EuroDNS CEO Xavier Buck sent a letter (pdf) to ICANN explaining why it had not transferred the domain name, which was lost in a UDRP case. Buck expressed disappointment that ICANN sent the breach notice that publicly “put under question” EuroDNS’ reputation. He said the company reserves the right to “seek reparation” on that point.

According to Buck, EuroDNS did not transfer the domain name because it was named in a lawsuit regarding the domain name shortly after the UDRP decision was handed down. He says ICANN was notified of this so he was surprised to receive the breach notice. He also asked ICANN to indemnify it should the registrar go ahead and transfer the domain.

In response, ICANN Contractual Compliance Manager Khalil Rasheed just sent a letter (pdf) stating that Buck’s letter “includes numerous inaccurate and extraneous assertions that we won’t go into here”.

The letter goes on to request more information from EuroDNS.

This is a different type of lawsuit than those that generally stop the transfer of domains lost in UDRP. Still, I find ICANN’s response a bit puzzling. If EuroDNS’ letter includes numerous inaccurate assertions, ICANN should list them in its response letter rather than make a blind assertion in response.

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