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Kinect Disneyland May Be Just the Beginning – DisneyWorld Too?

June 6, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, kinect disneyland adventures, Uncategorized, xboxComments Off on Kinect Disneyland May Be Just the Beginning – DisneyWorld Too?

Microsoft registers domain names for more Kinect games based on Disney theme parks.

Disneyland Adventures KinectThere’s a lot of buzz in the video gaming world about a new XBox Kinect “experience” called Disneyland Adventures. It will let people walk through the Disneyland park in Anaheim and go on mini adventures in some of the rides.

Pretty cool idea.

But Disneyland may be just the beginning. If it’s successful you can expect many related Disney theme park games soon.

Microsoft has gone on a domain name registration binge including,,, and (The registrations were made by DNStinations, a company that frequently registers domains on behalf of large companies. It’s possible the domains were registered by Disney, although Microsoft has registered through DNStinations in the past.)

Of course these may just be savvy defensive registrations to get the domain names before cybersquatters do. But I think it’s a good bet that if Disneyland Adventures for Kinect is a hit we’ll soon see other Disney theme parks on the Xbox.

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