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Yahoo Shutting Down Publisher Network, Recommends Chitika

March 31, 2010chitika, Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, yahoo publisher networkComments Off on Yahoo Shutting Down Publisher Network, Recommends Chitika

Yahoo admits defeat in syndicated pay-per-click ads.

rest in peaceYahoo is shutting down its Yahoo Publisher Network effective April 30.

The program launched in summer 2005 as a challenge to Google’s popular Google Adsense program that lets any size web site publisher syndicate pay-per-click ads on their web site. The program initially received rave reviews as beta participants received high payouts. Over time, the program languished in beta. One common criticism was poor targeting, which reduced ad relevance and click-through rates.

Yahoo is suggesting that current participants join Chitika as an alternative. Chitika already syndicates Yahoo content match and sponsored search ads. However, adding another middleman into the equation could reduce revenue to publishers.

It’s possible the move comes in advance of Yahoo’s partnership with Microsoft kicking in. It’s likely that Microsoft will create its own Adsense competitor.

The termination of the Yahoo Publisher Network should not affect Yahoo domain name parking partners.

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