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Seattle Residents Can Now Opt Out of the Yellow Pages

May 9, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, Uncategorized, yellow pagesComments Off on Seattle Residents Can Now Opt Out of the Yellow Pages

Save a tree. Kill your phone book.

Yellow PagesI’ve made fun of the yellow pages — those antiquated bricks of cut trees — for many years. I even registered some domain names related to opting out of receiving the books (which for me go straight into the trash): and

Now residents of Seattle can opt out of receiving their Yellow Pages.

Predictably, the Yellow Pages industry is fighting this in court. This means they don’t care about the value their advertisers receive; people who opt out clearly aren’t interested in viewing ads in the Yellow Pages. Delivering a book to them anyway just increases the number of households they can say received the book even if it went straight into the trash.

Since last Thursday 14,000 people and businesses have already opted out, reports The Seattle Times.

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