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Is Marchex considering selling its domain name portfolio?

January 25, 2012Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, marchex, ultimate search, yun yeComments Off on Is Marchex considering selling its domain name portfolio?

Company considering what to do with its domain name portfolio.

Marchex is often cited as starting a wave of acquisitions of domain portfolios when it announced the purchase of Ultimate Search from Yun Ye in 2004 for $164 million.

Now it is looking at “strategic alternatives” for its domain name portfolio.

From a press release issued today announcing preliminary earnings for Q4:

Marchex is also announcing that it is evaluating potential strategic alternatives for its non-call-driven products and assets, including its domain name assets, with a goal of further focusing on the products and opportunities that can drive business growth.

“The exploration of alternatives for our non-call advertising products and assets is driven by our goals to enhance shareholder value and to sharpen our strategic and financial focus,” said Mr. Horowitz. “As we have stated previously, we believe that we have a very rich asset base that is not being properly valued, and whether achieved through select development of these assets, sales of these assets, or a combination of both, we should more aggressively pursue how best to get this value realized.”

Marchex is betting the company on paid calls and is considering what to do with its domain portfolio.

The company already sells a couple million worth of domains from its portfolio each quarter. But it has a high median price tag on them.

A good purchase for someone like NameMedia?

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